• Added – St Peter’s Electoral Roll Update, 2018 December 6, 2017

    Every six years the Electoral Roll for Ropley parish is revised. It is now time to register if you want to be included on the St Peter’s Church Electoral Roll. The deadline for registering is 20th March, 2018.

    By registering to be on the Electoral Roll, you will be able to play a part in every aspect of church life. In particular, you will be able to attend and vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and vote in elections for membership of the Parochial Church Council and the parish’s representatives on the Deanery Synod.

    Full details are on this page: St Peter’s Electoral Roll Update, 2018

  • Vicar’s Letter – November / December 2017 November 11, 2017

    We all have that friend who tells us with glee sometime in August, when the summer sun is still shining, exactly how many Sundays it is until Christmas. Or that person, my father in law in my case, who rings me on the first of December to let me know the tree is up and he’s sipping sherry and eating mince pies. Some people revel in all the things that Christmas brings and although It’s an occupational hazard that such forecasts of impending Christmasyness generally raise in me utter panic, I am firmly in the big kid camp when it comes to Christmas.
    Yet for so many, the pressure of buying and readying themselves and their homes brings not joy but exhaustion and despair. So it’s good to remind ourselves from time to time that there is no such thing as a perfect Christmas, at least not outside of the adverts that fill our TV screens in the months leading up to the big day. The very reason that we need Christmas is because we are far from perfect. God comes in the midst of the mess. He doesn’t need a beautiful home, a laden table or piles of presents. He just needs us in all our messiness.
    I love to make things and at least once in every project I remind myself of the Muslim weavers who deliberately work a tiny flaw into each of their works of art because they believe that only God can be perfect. My mistakes tend to be less carefully planned but my message is just the same. When Advent comes enjoy whatever preparations you make and relax; God knows you’re not perfect but he loves you anyway.
    So with my Christmas thoughts penned long before Advent, I leave you with a Winter Blessing:

    May you find rest in the busyness,
    Stillness in the storm
    And light in the darkness

    With love and prayers

  • Soup & Pudding Lunch 27th October October 12, 2017

    Soup & Pudding Lunch

    In aid of the Ropley Church Appeal

    Friday, 27th October at 12.30pm

    Ropley Parish Hall

    Tickets: £10 – available from 01962 773603 or from the Courtyard Shop (01962 773666)

    Organised by The Friends of St Peter’s Church

  • “All Systems Go” For The Rebuild September 17, 2017
    St Peter’s Church – Proposed Design

    We’re now on the starting blocks for the rebuild – great news and everyone is delighted.

    Planning Permission from East Hants District Council was granted on 28 June 2017:


    In addition, we now have a “Faculty” (see below) from the Diocese of Winchester allowing us to proceed with the rebuild. The planning permission was a pre-requisite to obtaining this.

    There is still much detailed work needed by the Architects before we can go out to tender for the actual building works. This is likely to take some months so please don’t expect work to start immediately.

    Thanks are due to so many people for the work involved in getting to this point, but none more so than Andy Bonner who has worked tirelessly on this – coping with the huge and complex documentation and the many consultations involved.

    Well done Andy!

    What is a Faculty?

    The faculty jurisdiction is the Church of England’s regulation of works to church buildings, their contents and churchyards. It ensures that churches are properly cared for, and that whatever is done to them is properly considered beforehand and carried out in the most appropriate way. The system recognises that churches are living buildings, many of which are of great historic significance but all of which exist for the worship of God and the mission of the Church.

    A faculty is a licence to carry out work. Any work carried out in the absence of a faculty is illegal.

  • Clare’s September Message August 1, 2017

    No matter how many years pass since I left school, September to me will
    always be new shoes and a nice clean page of a brand new exercise book
    looking at me invitingly. But the thing about new shoes is the fact that by
    break time you’re usually wishing for the old battered and comfy ones again.
    Starting again or trying something new isn’t always easy. Even when there’s
    an official first day and everyone is new together it has its challenges. Trying
    something again when no one has asked you to or when you’re the only new
    one, well that’s just a bit tougher!

    As someone who wasn’t really part of a church as a child I know that going
    to church for the first time, or even going to a different church, can feel rather
    like that; I still remember how odd it all is when you’re not used to it and how
    disconcerting it can be to feel like the only one who doesn’t know what’s
    coming next or what to do. I believe church is for everyone (but I would say
    that wouldn’t I! ) and of course everyone is welcome at every service but
    sometimes it helps to have a proper ‘first day’ or ‘first day back’. So whether
    you come every week, it’s been years since you risked it or you’ve never
    even been into your local church, you’re particularly warmly invited to join us
    Ropley on September 17th at 9.30 for an All Age Songs of Praise or for
    All Age Worship at Bishop’s Sutton on September 24th at 11.00 and of
    course in October for
    Harvest Festivals in all three of our churches.

    Looking forward to seeing you there, no new shoes necessary!

  • Don’t Miss the Friends Summer Drinks Party June 15, 2017

    Don’t Miss

    The Friends of St Peter’s Church Summer Drinks Party

    Friday, 23rd June
    from 6.30** – 8pm

    at Bounty House*, Gilbert Street

    (* If the weather is bad, the party will be held in the Sports Pavilion)

    (by kind invitation of David & Mal Hope-Mason)

    For more information, phone 01962 773603

    Parking in field on Gilbert Street near Bounty House

    ** For members of the Friends, the drinks party will be preceded by the AGM starting at 6pm

  • Ropley Open Gardens – What a Wonderful Day! June 15, 2017
    Beautiful Roses at Sparrowthatch
    What a day we had! More then 350 people came to see the gardens at the first Open Gardens in 12 years. The sun shone, the gardens looked wonderful, the cakes were delicous, many Pimms were drunk, and everyone was smiling.
    Town Street Farmhouse looking glorious in bright sunshine
    We raised £2,880, which is being shared equally between the St Peter’s Church rebuilding project and The Rosemary Foundation, a local hospice at home service based in Petersfield which covers our area.
    Dragonfly Cottage – A Delightful Surprise
    “Tea Central” for Ropley Open Gardens
    Delicious Cakes – A Table Full of Temptations
    Tea (and Cake!) in the Parish Hall
    There are so many people to thank for making the day go so well. They include:
    • the brave owners for agreeing to open their gardens and for working so hard in them despite all that the weather could throw at them this Spring;
    • Norma Day and her team of helpers for decorating the Hall so beautifully and for serving the teas;
    • the bakers for making such an array of cakes;
    • everyone who helped on the day directing traffic, organising the parking, and selling garden and raffle tickets;
    • the Parish Council for letting us use the Little Rec for parking on; and
    • the team who organised the event.
    Alison Wood, Friends of St Peter’s
    Jill Shakespeare, Ropley Horticultural Society
  • St. Peter’s Ropley – APCM Reports April 8, 2017

    The reports from St Peter’s APCM, held in Ropley Parish Hall on Friday 24th March 2017, are available below.

    APCM Minutes 2017

    Churchwardens report 2017

    Ropley APCM Priest in Charge Report 2017

    PCC – Electoral Roll report to 2017 APCM

    Stewardship Report 2017

    Deanery Synod report for APCM 2017

    Friends – report to 2017 Annual Parochial Church Meeting 3.3.2017


  • Rebuild Design & Plan for St Peter’s Church January 13, 2017

    Following the public meeting on Wednesday 11th January, images of the rebuild design for St Peter’s are available on the rebuilding web site. John Alexander gave a captivating presentation on the building design and showed how the results of the previous public meeting have been used to define the facilities in the building.  He also clearly demonstrated how the heritage of the old building has been preserved within the design of the new. All the PCC members are delighted with this design and can’t wait to worship in a restored St Peter’s Church!

    Take a look, this link will take you to the page:


  • St Peter’s Church Rebuild Public Meeting – Wednesday 11th January December 11, 2016

    Good news on the new church building. At the November meeting of the PCC John Alexander, the appointed church architect, made a presentation of the design and plan for the rebuild of the church.  This is a huge step forward, following meetings with the advisory societies and the DAC*, where discussions on the amount and techniques of preservation were made along with detailed discussions about the retention of the heritage of the building, whilst enabling the design to include the needs of the village community, as expressed after the first public meeting.

    The result of the presentation to the PCC was that they were able to set the process in motion for going towards faculty and planning permission. It also means that we can arrange a date for a second public meeting where the design and plans can be presented to the village.

    The planned date for the public meeting is 11th January at 19:00 at the Ropley Parish Hall. John Alexander will give a presentation on the building design and will show how the results of the previous public meeting have been used to define the facilities in the building.  He will also be talking about the way that the heritage of the old building has been preserved within the design of the new.

    This meeting is the beginning of the planning consent process which will probably take many months.  The PCC think that it is important to show the plans to the village first, so please do try to come along.

    *Each diocese has a Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (known as the DAC). Its main functions are to give advice on the architecture, archaeology, art and history of places of worship to the diocesan chancellor, the archdeacons and parishes.