Vicar’s Letter March/April 2018

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Be the change …

As I write this, the first signs of spring are finally visible; glorious snowdrops, heads nodding and promising that winter’s days are numbered. By the time that you read this, I hope that Spring will truly have begun to show itself. By then we’ll also be into Lent. A time of change and renewal that seems to echo the changing seasons. Lent begins this year, (somewhat unconveniently perhaps!) on St. Valentine’s Day. Synonymous in the modern day with giving up chocolate, it’s perhaps more fruitfully seen as a chance to reassess. To shake off the less desirable parts of our lives, as a bulb pushes through the mud and to emerge, refocused on the things that really matter. For the last few years I’ve tried to play along with the 40 Acts initiative, a simple idea that challenges you to do something positive every day. It’s suggestions have ranged from calling someone you’ve lost touch with to making an effort to buy something from a community shop rather than a supermarket, to randomly buying someone flowers for no reason at all. Every action comes with a green, amber and red option and they can be found at and on facebook and twitter too. Of course, you could just commit to
doing something positive each day. Either way, it might help us to be a brighter and more thankful community this spring.

Wishing you a thoughtful lent and a joy filled Easter