Clare’s September Message

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No matter how many years pass since I left school, September to me will
always be new shoes and a nice clean page of a brand new exercise book
looking at me invitingly. But the thing about new shoes is the fact that by
break time you’re usually wishing for the old battered and comfy ones again.
Starting again or trying something new isn’t always easy. Even when there’s
an official first day and everyone is new together it has its challenges. Trying
something again when no one has asked you to or when you’re the only new
one, well that’s just a bit tougher!

As someone who wasn’t really part of a church as a child I know that going
to church for the first time, or even going to a different church, can feel rather
like that; I still remember how odd it all is when you’re not used to it and how
disconcerting it can be to feel like the only one who doesn’t know what’s
coming next or what to do. I believe church is for everyone (but I would say
that wouldn’t I! ) and of course everyone is welcome at every service but
sometimes it helps to have a proper ‘first day’ or ‘first day back’. So whether
you come every week, it’s been years since you risked it or you’ve never
even been into your local church, you’re particularly warmly invited to join us
Ropley on September 17th at 9.30 for an All Age Songs of Praise or for
All Age Worship at Bishop’s Sutton on September 24th at 11.00 and of
course in October for
Harvest Festivals in all three of our churches.

Looking forward to seeing you there, no new shoes necessary!