Bishop Sutton’s Successful Crib Service and Party

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The crib service at St. Nicholas church was a wonderful occasion with lots of young people participating in building the nativity scene round the crib. Kay Waterworth, played her guitar as we sang carols, and everyone vigorously played their instrument. The nativity story was told, the crib blessed, Max read the opening prayer, Lillybayar said the closing prayer and the whole service was beautifully summed up by Tom reading the Christmas Star poem.

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After the service, everyone went to enjoy their Christmas party in the village hall which Arabella and Ros so beautifully organised. The whole afternoon was a huge success with everyone focusing on the meaning of Christmas.


A poem – The Christmas Star – read by Tom

A diamond shines no brighter
than that lovely Christmas star.

It shines in all its brilliance;
it’s seen from near or far.

A symbol of the Christ child
as He lay upon the hay,

It tells to all the waiting world
a King was born that day.

O Bethlehem Star keep shining –
give us faith and hope and love.

Keep our thoughts forever turning
to the Saviour up above.

Give us strength and hope and courage
to do our best by far

as we watch that Christmas star…