25th Oct All-Age Service at St Nicholas

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The 25th of Octobers’ All-Age service at St Nicholas church was enjoyed by many including a ‘mini’ member of the parish dressed very appropriately (and cutely) in a sheep onesie. This was in keeping with the theme of the service that of the Good Shepherd

IMG_4549Sheep were very much in evidence in the service that day as Revd. Amanda Grant told the Story of ‘The Shepherd who knows his Sheep’ (John 10:22-29). And much like the Good Shepherd, Amanda led the congregation through a fun light-hearted service that included many sheep, children singing and playing musical instruments and an accessible message on Jesus as the Good Shepherd.

IMG_4531After the service there was coffee and those who stayed to catch up with other people from the village ate sheep shaped biscuits. While the adults were socializing a group of young children found our local hedgehog, which had sadly died. So we performed a short burial and funeral service for the much love hedgehog.

IMG_4502Finally, our thanks go out to Revd. Amanda and her team who once again gave the parish an enjoyable All-Age service at St Nicholas Church.

The next All-Age service will be held on November 22nd at 10:00am in St. Nicholas church and the theme will be Christ the King.

SheepLeapingIn Jesus’ time, a shepherd was committed to spending every day with his sheep on the hillside. These shepherds took care of the sheep’s needs by leading them to new pastures and protecting them from the dangers on the hillside. The shepherd knew each sheep and in turn the sheep recognised the shepherds voice and followed him in trust.

Jesus uses this simple but powerful symbol of a shepherd as a influential metaphor to describe his relationship with us. Like the shepherd with the sheep, Jesus provides for his flock, and keeps us from danger. When we learn to hear his voice, we can follow his calling, and live a life in peace and love.